Power and Beauty Come from the Stone

Cheymac Group is a leader Enterprise corporation born in Macael (Almeria, Spain) Cheymac Group has become an international referent in extraction, manufacture and commercialization of natural stone. Cheymac Group accumulates 40 years of work, innovation and development in marble and natural stone sector.


At the moment Cheymac Group holds privilege position thanks to its high resource, the own six quarries in Macael and others with exclusive exploitation in the World, the highest technology, a purged Enterprise organization, an ample sales force at national and international level and a Website, www.cheymacgroup.com, considered the most important in natural stone in Spain.

The enterprise provides to its clients excellent materials and products, the ones from their owns from their quarries with the CE marking, always by a good service and an effective attention. The Cheymac Group´s marbles and granites are recognized world-wide level by their resisted quality, in all its forms: floor tiles, appeaseds, stairs, baths, kitchens, handmade products, urban furniture, etc.